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Dumpsters are to be used only for household trash. NO YARD WASTE, TIRES, APPLIANCES, HAZARDOUS FLUIDS, ETC....

All non-household trash(metal, etc.) should be taken to the tall dumpsters located in the trash drop off location or the  transfer station shown below

Tire disposal $3 per tire. No Rim, standard size tire.
$5 per tire with Rim. Standard size tire.
May 20th and May 21st the board will have a container in front of Maitainence that you will be able to bring tires up to be thrown away. This is for tires that are inside Lake Timberline. Please do not abuse this. Daylight hours only. you will pay at the office after tire count is confirmed. If the office is closed you will pay at the gate after tire count is confirmed. NO OUTSIDE TIRES The container is under video surveillance. Thank you for your cooperation.

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